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This is something experimental. What I thought that would it be nice to have some Unicorn Twilight art specifically made for this group. But may also be featured on other groups if requested.

So here is how it goes. We'll give three options on what to draw. You may choose one, draw it and submit it to this group.

It's all for good fun.

Here are the three options:

1. Unicorn Twilight praticing magic on some other pony (Anypony you like. Mane 6/Background/Secondary/OC)

2. Unicorn Twilight doing battle with a villian. (It doesn't have to be a villian from MLP. Crossover villians are allowed too.)

3. Unicorn Twilight improvise. (On the fly. Draw what comes to mind.)

If this works out well, there will probably be more.

Have fun!
lastly, i feel really sad for something that happened in the fandom and i can't be as active as always for this group

so i need some help if you want to help me just keep those things in mind

- don't use this group to go against twilicorn
- don't accept twilicorn submissions but be kind to those who submitted it
- don't request twilicorn images
- like any member you can submit pony pics that are not related to twilight sparkle, but only your own pics. don't request these pics from other people or the objective of the group to support unicorn twilight may become pointless (but you can accept incoming requests of this kind)

if you want to be an admin just send a note to :iconbeginerbrony: and we'll se what we can do
so recently i've accepted an affiliation request with :iconunionofindepbronies: and i wanted to point something out to avoid confusion:

-I am NOT going to use the group to go against hasbro decisions, twilicorn or equestria girls, the objective of this group is to keep unitwi alive and search for unitwi artworks and nothing more NO MATTER IF THE ARTIST IS PRO-TWILICORN OR ANTI-TWILICORN, here they are accepted the same way as long as they don't use their love/hate of twilicorn to create conflicts inside the group

so this one was the most important one, after this we have:

-i search for every new unitwi pic i can find on DA and i request them to my group, but you can submit to this group any picture of any other character as long as twilicorn isn't appearing in it ;)
now no matter if you are a memeber or not you can submit pics to the group

this group was made to keep unicorn twilight art alive, but everything is allowed, except twilicorn (we allow any other mlp related art as long as twilicorn is not in it, but i always search for new unitwi works to get featured here)

i've also combined every folder dedicated to one of the mane 6 in one single folder, exept unicorn twilight, if she's the priority of the group i do better to put her in evidence right?

and this is not an anti twilicorn group, it's a pro unitwi. but it's open to everyone who supports unicorn twilight or everyone who makes unicorn twilight art ;)

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